Best fish tank-aquarium kit for sale choosing guide

Once you decide to choose a best aquarium fish tank for sale online or your local pet stores, keep these tips in mind and you will have made a good investment in equipment that will last and provide a great habitat for you pet fish.

Location of your new fish tank
Before purchasing your aquarium consider where you will place it. That will of course determine the size and shape of the aquarium you purchase. It should be located out of direct sunlight or even a sunny room and away from drafts since it is important to maintain the water temperature within certain degrees depending on the fish species occupying it.

It should also be located out of the way so it isn’t bumped or becomes a nuisance. You want it placed where you and your house guests can enjoy it. If your aquarium is in a high traffic area, the fish will be subjected to a lot of movement, noise and vibration which may make them timid. The best location will be where there is less traffic for the fish and where the tank can be comfortably viewed.

The aquarium also needs to be well supported and evenly supported so it doesn’t buckle and develop leaks. Remember that a filled 20 gallon tank weighs about 225 pounds so you may need to buy a stand. Get a stand made specifically for holding aquariums. And locate it next to a wall, preferably and outside wall that will minimize floor vibration from room traffic and normal activities.

Tips for choosing your best fish tank
The size and shape
The size of the tank determines the type and number of fish that can safely be kept in it. As a general rule, you can have one inch of fish per one gallon of water. And of course, thicker bodied fish require more space than thinner bodied fish. Generally you will want to buy as large a tank as space and your financial budget allow.

Although the mini-fish tanks are very popular, with such a small amount of water, mistakes in temperature or chemistry could be fatal for your fish. Beginners may want to buy a larger aquarium since smaller aquariums are more difficult to keep stable. A 20 – 29 gallon fish tank is large enough to accommodate a selection of fish and large enough to easily keep stable.

The shape also determines the number of fish the aquarium will support. Since most of the oxygen enters the water through the surface, larger surface areas allow more oxygen to enter the water. So, avoid tall thin tanks and instead, pick a long aquarium that will also give the fish more room to swim than in a high aquarium.

If you want to keep a male Betta, you should provide him a minimum 3 gallon Betta fish tank to live happily. Small fish tanks are usually available in various sizes with their unique shapes that surely make you lost in the labyrinth of the world of beautiful aquariums.

Acrylic or glass aquarium
Aquariums are made of glass and acrylic. Both have advantages and disadvantages

Glass Aquarium Pros and Cons
Easier to clean
Does not need support along the entire bottom; can be supported along the edges
Heavier than acrylic
Edges can chip
Costs less than acrylic.
Acrylic Aquarium Pros and Cons

Scratches easily
Needs to be supported along the entire bottom of the tank
Very light weight
Has smooth corners that don’t chip
Provides a less distorted view of the fish
Costs more than glass.

Consider buying an aquarium kit – package
It possible and probably easiest to just buy a fish tank kit – a combination pack that includes the tank, filter, light and may include maintenance supplies and decorations. Buying your aquarium this way can provide some cost savings. But, be sure any package is either put together by a manufacturer or a shop you trust. Some package deals are just a bunch of assorted items throw together that may or may not work together or may be of inferior quality.

If you haven’t known where to get starting yet, I strongly recommend that you should choose a 20 gallon aquarium kit. Be sure to remember that you have to set up your aquarium, settled and running well (cycle a new fish tank) before you can introduce fish to it. So don’t buy the aquariums and the fish at the same time.

Where to buy a quality and cheap fish tank?
Aquariums should be purchased from reputable deals so returns are possible. You may want to buy locally however you will probably find better deals online. Many online merchants offer discounts and free shipping on orders over a certain amount.

If you buy a used aquarium, be sure to carefully inspect it for leaks, cracks and scratches. In fact, if you are able to, fill it with water before you buy. Sometimes leaks are very small. On the other hand you may be able to repair small leaks.

Choosing a stand fit for the tank
Once filled with water, aquariums are very heavy. As stated before, make sure you know where you will place it. Aquariums 15 gallons and under can be placed on desks, shelves or other sturdy furniture. A 20-gallon glass tank will weigh around 225 pounds so it’s generally best to purchase a stand for aquariums 20 gallons and larger. Stands are available in a variety of colors shapes, sizes and materials.

Glass and acrylic aquariums require a different type of support so select your stand accordingly; acrylic aquariums must be supported along the full length of the tank while glass aquariums only need to be supported along the outside edges. You may also want to get a stand that is made of the same material or at least matches the trim on the aquarium. Consider the stand as another piece of furniture. Metal stands are usually cheaper than wood stands.

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