Health benefits of fish tanks and their positive effects on you

It is easy to get caught up in the “rat race” of society today. With the “rat race” usually comes a lot of stress, insomnia which can then take you down the road of high blood pressure. Fish tanks are not just a house for fish, the health benefits of aquariums have many positive attributes and may reverse the effects of the “rat race”.

The number one reason people purchase an aquarium, fish bowl or fish tank coffee table is for their calming and soothing qualities. Being in the presence of an aquarium on a daily basis is positive therapy for you. Actual studies from the 1980’s show that fish tanks really do reduce stress which then lowers blood pressure just from spending time around the aquarium on a consistent basis.

Fish tanks really can make a positive difference
Researchers through their studies of the effects of hypnosis and compared with the effects of owning an aquarium, then they also studied when an aquarium was fish less as compared fully filled aquariums and finally comparing the effects of having an aquarium and not having one. The findings were positive in all cases having some sort of aquarium through actually reducing blood pressure levels.

What is really interesting from these studies is the greater reduction in blood pressure occurred when the tanks had fish in the tank rather than a tank that was splendidly decorated but occupied no fish. The studies even showed that people watching a video tape of fish have shown positive therapeutic effects. Hence the popularity of aquarium screen savers and fish aquarium tank videos.

The magnitude of health benefits of aquariums
Seniors that were given an aquarium stocked with fish found reductions in high blood pressure levels. Children that like to watch fish swimming in an aquarium or fish bowl displayed a calmer demeanor even when they suffer from hyperactivity disorders.

Dental patients had the same benefit or greater benefit when they were exposed to hypnosis as compared to an aquarium experience. Dentists also give less less pain medication to their patients when the patients watched fish in their office. Now we all know why all dentist, doctor and counselor waiting rooms have traditionally kept an aquarium in their waiting rooms. The benefits of an aquarium are remarkable and often go unnoticed.

Other studies have also shown that seniors with Alzheimer’s watching a fish tank experience a wealth of health benefits. These patients had greater appetites giving them better daily diet intakes and as a result required fewer supplements. These positive benefits were seen after placing an aquarium in the dining room. These same seniors also were seen to exhibited less physically aggressive behaviors in their day to day actions.

How to get health benefits from aquariums
Everywhere No matter what size the tank is, from a large commercial to a small desktop aquarium, the health benefits of aquariums are impossible to ignore. Having a large aquarium of course is great, but if space is tight, then a smaller desktop aquarium or bookshelf aquarium in any room will do just as well. Seniors and students can usually find a place for a bookshelf aquarium or fish bowl style systems such as the biOrb classic aquariums line.

If there is just no possible way to keep an aquarium, you should not rule out watching an aquarium video, aquarium DVD or a computer aquarium screen saver featuring fish swimming in an aquarium atmosphere. Due to technology improvements, DVD players are very affordable today, and a DVD video requires zero maintenance, also remember that most computers already come equipped with DVD players these days.

There is no better way to spend your lunch break, down time than watching fish swim in an effortless way? Remember it is very easy to fall into the “rat race” of society today, you need to reverse the ill effects and one proven way is to take advantage of the health benefits of aquariums whenever, and wherever you can!

In conclusion, it is time to take notice of the benefits of aquariums and use them to better our health and lives so we can live longer, healthier lives. It is never to late to buy your first fish tank, there are many different styles, shapes and types of tanks. There is a wide price range that will ensure you can find a tank that not only fits your room but more importantly your budget.

Let’s start with a 20 gallon fish tank if you haven’t owned any aquarium before because it is easy for you to set up and maintain the tank. If you own a spacious house, take your attention to an aquarium table. The aquarium table will play roles as both great home decor and natural therapy that is surely very good for the health of all your family’s members.

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